What is FLR visa?

What is FLR visa?

What is FLR visa?


Deciphering the FLR Visa

‘Further Leave to Remain’ or FLR, represents a pivotal stepping stone in the UK immigration process. It allows individuals already in the UK to extend their stay or even switch visa categories as their circumstances change. This essential route is frequently used by those seeking to extend existing visas, such as the Spouse Visa. It can also be used for other purposes.

The FLR visa caters to a range of situations. There are a variety of sub-categories to accommodate differing needs. It provides a a flexible solution within the complex UK immigration landscape. With FLR, individuals can extend their stay as well as also establish deeper roots in the UK, making it a key consideration for any immigration journey. Always seek advice from an immigration law expert to fully understand the intricacies and potential benefits of the FLR visa.

Usually, FLR applications are made by an applicant who has valid leave to remain (LTR) in the UK.

There may be exceptional circumstances in which an applicant without valid LTR in the UK can still make a successful FLR application.

What is the FLR Visa?

UK immigration law is complex and navigating it can often feel like a maze. One term that you may have come across in your research or conversations with friends, family or a solicitor is the ‘FLR visa’. This blog post aims to demystify the term and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it is.
FLR stands for ‘Further Leave to Remain’, which is a type of application that you can make while you are already in the UK. This is a critical point in the immigration journey. It allows individuals who already have temporary permission to be in the UK to extend their stay, change their visa, or settle permanently.
There are several categories of FLR visas. Each category serving different purposes and accommodating varied circumstances. Some common types include:


This is for people who are in the UK on a spouse, fiancé visa or proposed civil partner visa and want to extend their stay.


This category is for those who wish to stay in the UK based on their family life as a partner or parent, or their private life.


This is designed for those seeking to remain in the UK for human rights reasons or other special circumstances.


This is for those applying to extend their stay in the UK as a Turkish worker or business person.


This category is for those applying to extend their stay as:
  • a retired person of independent means or
  • a representative of an overseas business.

FLR requirements

Each category has its own set of requirements and processes. Regardless of the category, all FLR applications share the aim of extending the applicant’s stay in the UK.
It’s important to remember that the success of an FLR application depends on several factors. These include:
  • your current immigration status
  • your ability to meet the requirements of the specific FLR category
  • making the application using the correct FLR application form
  • and the quality of the supporting evidence that you provide.
The FLR application process involves preparing a detailed application. Gathering and providing the necessary documents. As well as paying the relevant fees, which include the application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

How can expert Birmingham immigration solicitors help with the FLR application process?

We understand the importance of navigating the complexities of immigration law with confidence. We have a wealth of experience. We can provide clear, practical advice and strong representation to guide you through this crucial process. We can help with document preparation, form filling, or representation at Immigration Tribunals. We strive to deliver an outstanding service every step of the way.
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This blog is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for personalised legal advice. Always consult with an immigration law specialist for advice tailored to your specific circumstances.
With us by your side, you can rest assured that you have the support and guidance you need to navigate the intricacies of the FLR visa process. We’re here to make your immigration journey smoother.