What happens with secondary transfers?

What happens with secondary transfers?

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Secondary Transfers

A secondary transfer is not the only type of transfer; however, it is the one that is most likely to be relevant in relation to the naming of a school or educational institution in section I of the Education Health and Care plan. The information on school placements [link] should be considered.

In relation to secondary transfers, and, indeed, all other phases of transfer, an Education Health and Care Plan must be reviewed and amended in in sufficient time before the child or young person moves / transfers phase. The reason for this is to allow the planning for and where necessary commissioning of support and provision at the new establishment.

The review and any amendment must be completed by 15 February in the calendar year that the transfer is to take place at the latest for transfers into or between schools.

The transfer stages are:

  • Early years provider to school
  • Infant school to junior school
  • Primary school to middle school
  • Primary school to secondary school
  • Middle school to secondary school

The deadline above changes for young persons moving from secondary school to a post-16 institution or an apprenticeship, and is 31 March. The review and any amendments therefore must be completed by the 31 March in the calendar year of transfer. So, if the transfer was taking place in September 2021, the review and amendments must be carried out by 31 March 2021.

The deadlines referred to must be adhered to in all cases.

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