What happens in higher education/university?

What happens in higher education/university?

What happens in higher education/university?

Higher education is the continuation of studies after the age of 18. There are all sorts of degrees, diplomas, vocational, foundation, full time and part time courses that can be considered.

The Local Authority is required to make young people aware through their local offer of the support available to the young person in higher education and how to claim it, including the Disabled Student’s Allowance, more commonly known as DSA.

Local authorities should plan a smooth transition for the young person to higher education which may include to a new local authority area before they cease to maintain the young person’s Education Health and Care plan.

If asked to do so by the young person, the Local Authority must pass a copy of their Education Health and Care plan to the relevant person in that institution at the earliest opportunity.

Should the young person require social care support to be maintained, the local authority should plan in relation to this and whether it shall be continued to be provided by them or by the new local authority.

Consideration should also be given to how the student will be supported if they live near the university during term time and at home during vacation time.

In most cases, the home local authority will continue to provide care and support. The local authority will have regard to the guidance published by the Department of Health in relation to Ordinary Residence.

Young people are also able to request transition assessments adult care that will enable them to see whether they are likely to have eligible needs that will be met by adult services once they turn 18. These assessments should be used by the local authority to plan for support that will be provided by the local authority while the young person is in higher education.

Consideration also needs to be given to the transition to adult health services.

Young persons should not find themselves with a lack of support and care during the transition to adult services unless the Local Authority concludes there is no need for adult care and support or there is a need but is not going to meet them as they are not eligible needs or the needs are already being met. The transition to adult services should begin long before the young person is to turn 18. Adults with eligible needs for adult care and support must be provided with a statutory care and support plan and Local Authorities must meet those needs.