Trading standards solicitors

Trading Standards Solicitors

If you have been advised that your business is facing a Trading Standards investigation, we can represent you to ensure that your rights and interests are observed.

Trading Standards officers have a wide remit and can investigate any reports received from consumers or service users, including allegedly unsafe goods, fake goods, misleading advertising, pressure sales techniques, poor workmanship and preventing customers or consumers from exercising their legal rights.

Dealing with a Trading Standards investigation can be exceptionally disruptive as well as stressful. We can step in to ensure that the process is dealt with properly by investigating officers and that you have the advice and representation you need. We will take steps to try and ensure that the investigation is concluded promptly.

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Our Trading Standards services


We offer a full range of services in respect of Trading Standards investigations, including:

If you have been notified that your business is being investigated, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice without delay. We can step in to represent you early on to try and prevent matters from escalating.


How do Trading Standards investigate?


Trading Standards officers have a range of powers to investigate potential breaches of the law, including:


What penalties can Trading Standards impose?


Trading Standards can impose a wide range of penalties on businesses, including:


How we can help you in a Trading Standards investigation


If you ask us to represent you, we can speak to the Trading Standards officer or regulatory body involved to try and find a negotiated settlement. This will enable you to put the matter behind you and focus on your business.

They may be prepared to drop matters if you take certain steps, for example, withdrawing an item for sale, changing the wording of an advertisement or rectifying work that has been complained about.


Court representation for Trading Standards cases


If you have been summoned to court to answer a trading standards case, we can prepare a robust defence on your behalf. We have an in-depth understanding of the way in which this type of case is dealt with and a track record of success for our clients.


Contact our Birmingham Trading Standards solicitors


If you have been advised that a Trading Standards investigation is being commenced, you should speak to a solicitor without delay. We can represent you to try and find a solution that closes the case and allows you to carry on with your business.

To speak to an experienced Trading Standards investigations solicitor in Birmingham, call us on 0121 309 0013, email us at or fill in our contact form.

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