Taxi Licensing Appeals solicitor Birmingham

Taxi Licensing Appeals

If you have been refused a Taxi license, for whatever reason, I can help.

Taxi licensing rules can be complex and can also vary from area to area. Each Local Authority has the right to revoke or suspend a taxi license and this can deprive you of your means of making a living.

I am a specialist in helping Taxi drivers and private hire drivers in all types of cases, including appeals for a refused or revoked license.

Taxi licensing is a complex area of law and you should always obtain representation from someone with the experience and expertise required to deal with your case.

I can help if you have or require a:

Hackney Carriage Taxi License
Private Hire Driver License
Operator or Fleet Operator License

I can also help with licensing interviews, disciplinary hearings, licensing restrictions, licensing bans, and/or potential criminal allegations.

Why are Taxi Licenses refused?

Most Local Authorities have a benchmark whereby the driver is required to be a “fit and proper person”, in order to gain a license.

The definition for “fit and proper person” is unclear, and seems to vary from local authority to local authority, however, some of the possible reasons for revoking or not granting a license are listed below:

Making an appeal

Strict time limits exist for making an appeal against a license refusal. If you have been refused a license it is critical that you contact me immediately so that I can start work on your case.

I will assess your case and decide on the most effective strategy to appeal your case and win your license back.

Appeals are made to the local Magistrates and you will require effective representation throughout the case. Please contact me for more information.