Can I get legal aid for a criminal prosecution against me?

Can I get legal aid for a criminal prosecution against me?

Legal Aid for Criminal Defence

It is also possible to be represented on a privately funded basis where clients prefer that option or are not eligible for legal aid.

Legal aid at the Police Station

In England and Wales, when a person is arrested they are always entitled to free legal advice at the police station. This free legal advice is available to everyone, regardless of your financial circumstances.

Legal aid for representation at Court

You have the right to a fair trial and you should always get legal advice if you have been charged with a crime. You will need a solicitor to help prepare your case and to represent you at a Court when you’re charged with a crime.

For representation at court is based on a two stage assessment. Iwill assess your circumstances and tell you whether you are entitled to legal aid for representation at Court.

You may be able to get to pay the solicitors’ or barristers’ costs if:

  • your case meets the Interests of Justice test. You are likely to pass this test if you could:
  • go to prison
  • lose your job
  • have your reputation damaged
  • find it difficult to follow court proceedings because of language difficulties or mental illness
  • you pass a ‘means test’ which looks at your financial situation

To find out if you can get aid to pay for this, you’ll need to give me:

  • details of the type of case you are involved in
  • information about your finances (like your income)

If you do not qualify for legal aid

For some cases you may not qualify for legal aid funding. In these cases I can advise of the likely cost of representation at Court. It is important that you have effective representation during a court case. I will always keep you updated of how much the case will cost as it progresses.

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