How to write invitation letter for UK visa

How to write invitation letter for UK visa

This article by expert Birmingham Immigration lawyers will address:

  • How do I write a letter of invitation for UK visa?
  • How do I write a visa invitation letter?
  • How do I invite my family to the UK?

Welcome to our straightforward guide on how to write an invitation letter for a UK visa. It might sound daunting, but with a few easy steps, we’re confident you’ll be able to draft a successful invitation letter.

What is an Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is a formal document. It’s written by a UK resident to someone abroad who they wish to invite to the UK. The person they wish to invite is called an invitee. This letter is part of the visa application process.

Why is it Important?

An invitation letter shows the entry clearance officer that the invitee has a genuine reason to travel to the UK. It also shows that the invitee will have a place to stay and support during their visit.

Here are simple steps on how to write an invitation letter for a UK visa:

Start with Your Details

Write your full name, date of birth, and contact details, including your address and phone number. This section lets the entry clearance officer know who is inviting the applicant to the UK.

Write the Invitee’s Details

Include the invitee’s full name, date of birth, and address. This gives the entry clearance officer the information about the invitee’s identity.

Relationship with the Invitee

Explain your relationship with the person you’re inviting. This could be family, friends, or business. This shows your connection to them and why you are inviting them to the UK.

Purpose of the Visit

Clearly explain why the invitee is visiting the UK. This could be for a holiday, family event, to visit a sick relative or business meeting. This gives the entry clearance officer the reason for their visit.

Travel Dates

Include the planned dates of arrival and departure. This shows the entry clearance officer the length of the planned visit. It will be important to enter and leave on the dates specified. Although it is not required by the Immigration Rules, a deviation from this could be prejudicial in future applications.

Accommodation and Financial Support

Explain where the invitee will stay. If you are providing accommodation, state this. If you are offering financial support, also state this. This shows the entry clearance officer that the invitee will be maintained and accommodated.

End with a Statement of Truth

End the letter by stating that all information given is true. This confirms your honesty in the application.


Sign and date the letter. This makes it official.

What evidence do you need to provide?

You will include proof of your status in the UK, like a passport copy. If offering financial support, include proof of your financial status, like bank statements.

Remember, your invitation letter must be honest and accurate. If the entry clearance officer decides that false information has been provided, they will refuse the visa.

Writing an invitation letter for a UK visa can be simple. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to helping someone with their UK visa application.

What if the visa is refused?

We can help you. In most cases, we can ask for an administrative review. You may also have a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal Immigration Chamber.

We’re here to help you with any part of the visa process. If you need more guidance on invitation letters or anything else, reach out to us on 0121 309 0013 or email or fill in our contact form.