How to include Child Dependants on your UK Partner Visa Application

How to include Child Dependants on your UK Partner Visa Application

Understanding how to include child dependants in your UK Partner Visa application can be tricky. In this simplified guide, we aim to clarify this process and ease your journey towards obtaining a UK Partner Visa.

Including Child Dependants in your UK Partner Visa Application

Who qualifies as a child dependant?

It is a child under 18, who is not married or leading an independent life.

A child is British where the sponsor’s partner is a British Citizen or gained British Citizenship before the child was born outside the UK. British citizenship passes down to a child who was born outside the UK if either parent was British before the child was born.

British citizenship only passes down inside the UK if the parent had indefinite leave to remain before the child was born inside the UK. If the child was born outside the UK, entry clearance will be required for the child to join their family in the UK.

Now, how to include your dependants in your visa application:


All children under 18 can apply at the same time with the main applicant who is applying for a spouse or partner UK visa. Each child is treated as an individual applicant for the purposes of Home Office fees.

The length of the child’s visa will be 2.5 years, i.e. the same as it is for the main applicant.


Every child application, on your UK Partner Visa Application, carries the same cost as the main application. Currently, this fee is £1,538,along with an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £1,410.

Financial Requirements

The sponsor must show income or savings by which they can support their partner, and any dependants. The minimum income required is £18,600 per year.

For the first child, the requirement increases by £3,800. For each additional child it increases by £2,400.

Adequate Accommodation

You must have adequate housing for your entire family without risk of overcrowding.

What if you are not the biological parent of the child applicant?

If you are sponsoring a step-child, the main applicant must show they have sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing.

You may be able to show this by including proof that the child lives with them, show financial support for the child, and responsibility for imporant aspects of the child’s life, such as their schooling.

You must still show that you have sole responsibility for a child dependent whose application is not made at the same time as the main applicant. You would need to show that you are making the major decisions in the child’s life.

Seek Professional Guidance

This area of UK immigration law can be complex, so seeking professional legal advice is recommended. It can help clarify doubts and concerns about your application.

We provide expert guidance on visa applications. We aim to ensure that your journey is as straightforward as possible.

We’re here to make your visa process simpler and as stress free as possible.

How to include Child Dependants on your UK Partner Visa Application?

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