HMRC investigations and tax evasion solicitors

HMRC investigations and tax evasion solicitors

Expert tax investigation solicitors Birmingham

Tax investigations can be damaging to a business and to your reputation. They can also result in criminal charges, fines and potentially a prison sentence. Dealing promptly with tax issues is essential to give you the best chance of resolving matters before they escalate.

We have extensive experience of representing clients at all stages of tax queries. By asking us to assist at the outset, we can liaise with the tax authorities on your behalf to try to minimise the disruption and avoid any charges being brought.

We also deal with cases involving allegations of criminal conduct and criminal charges. You are strongly advised to speak to an expert tax solicitor before you give an interview under caution.

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Our HMRC investigations and tax evasion services


We deal with all aspects of tax investigation and alleged tax evasion on behalf of a range of clients, from individuals to small and medium-sized businesses. Our services include:

Where necessary, we work with professionals in related areas of expertise, including accountants, forensic accountants and expert tax barristers.


What can HMRC investigate?


HMRC have the power to investigate reporting and tax returns across all types of tax, including:

A tax investigation could be commenced for a number of reasons, including an HMRC policy to crack down on tax evasion in a certain sector or geographical area, because they have received a report of wrongdoing, because they have concerns about the figures you have submitted or because you have been randomly selected.


How we deal with HMRC investigations and tax evasion charges


We can assist during an investigation, ensuring that the documentation disclosed is controlled as far as possible and that your rights are protected.

We can represent you during interviews and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared and understand the best way to handle enquiries.

Where HMRC are considering penalties, we can negotiate with them to try and reduce the potential amount and avoid the risk of any further action.

We will ensure that they do not exceed their authority and that the correct procedure is followed in dealing with your tax issues.

If you are facing potential criminal charges, we will prepare a strong defence on your behalf and where possible work to have the case dropped. We may be able to make an offer on your behalf to deal with the matter out of court. Where applicable, we will bring any mitigating circumstances to the attention of the authorities.

Should your case go to court, we will give you the support you need and ensure that you are represented by an expert tax advocate.


Contact our HMRC investigations solicitors

If you are aware that HMRC are starting an investigation into your tax affairs or you have been charged with a tax offence, we can help you deal with the situation as effectively as possible.

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