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If your child has been given an Education, Health and Care Plan, also referred to as an EHCP or EHC plan, you may want to check that this is in order and that it offers all of the provisions your child is entitled to.

We offer a thorough EHCP review service. We can go through the EHCP that has been drafted, ensure that it is in your child’s best interests and provide feedback on the provisions. We can work with you to establish exactly what your child needs to ensure they get the best from their time at their educational setting. This will help you decide whether any action needs to be taken to adjust any part of the plan.

Taking legal advice early on in the EHCP provision process can be helpful. If we feel that better support and assistance could be provided for your child, you will be able to raise these issues during a review to try and secure the best possible outcome.

We have extensive experience in dealing with the complex legal procedure involved in securing the right EHCPs for our clients.


Our EHCP review services

We will discuss your child’s needs and their current provision with you to ensure we understand their situation and what would best help them going forward.

In the light of this, we will go through every section of their EHCP and look at what has been offered, what statements have been made and what possible improvements could be looked for in the future.

We will provide advice to you on what you could ask for at your annual review or, where necessary, at an emergency review. This will help you plan what you need to request from the local authority and ensure that you have a well-structured argument to put forward when the time comes.

We can also advise you on how best to approach the review process and what to do if you do not secure the changes you want at the first time of asking.

Our service aims to reduce the need to have to make a tribunal appeal in respect of an EHCP, which can be stressful for all concerned. We will help you evaluate what you have been offered and discuss how changes could be made that will better support your child and that are likely to be acceptable to the local authority.


When should you have an EHCP review?

While we can review your EHCP at any time, you will only have around two weeks to look at a proposed EHCP or EHCP amendments, if you are in the Annual Review process, before they are finalised. We suggest that you contact us as soon as possible after you receive the document so that we can give you our advice.

We can go through the information included to check with you that there is nothing else that is relevant and that should be added.

We will also check that all of your child’s identified needs are included and that they adequately convey the scale of help and support that is necessary.

Section F will be checked carefully as this is the vital part of the plan that contains the provision for your child. The local authority will be legally bound to make sure that your child has everything included in this section, so it is crucial to ensure that nothing is omitted. We will go through this carefully to see whether anything else that could help your child can be requested.

If you have an existing EHCP in place that you would like us to look at, we recommend that you contact us around two months before your annual review is due. This will give us the chance to properly understand your child’s situation and to go through the EHCP before preparing our feedback for you.

It will also allow us the chance to speak to you and answer your questions and to discuss the approach you will take when the time to review the plan comes around.


Contact our Birmingham education solicitor

We can check your EHCP and provide our opinion on the provision your child has been offered.

We have a proven track record of securing good outcomes for our clients and we provide an outstanding level of client care to everyone we represent.

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