Does School Or Local Authority Provide School Transport?

Does school or local authority provide School transport?

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School Transport

School transport can be a fraught topic. It is not unheard of a Local Authority “striking a deal” with parents whereby the parent’s choice of school is named on the condition that the parent is responsible for transport such agreement is required to be a voluntary one.

Section 508B of the Education Act 1996 requires the Local Authority to make free of charge travel arrangements to enable the attendance of eligible children (of school age) at school.

Whether or not a child is eligible depends on the distance between his/her home and school and his/ her SEN, disability and/ or mobility problems.

Cost of transportation can be considered in the context of “efficient use of.

Section 408F of the Education Act 1996 sets out the position in relation to travel arrangements to other than children of school age.

Decisions about transport cannot be appealed to the Tribunal except where the reason for not naming a parental choice of school is for reasons of cost. The remedies are judicial review (legal aid may be available), or by complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman or a complaint to the Education Secretary (who can give directions to the Local Authority which are enforceable in court). We can help with letters before action to the Local Authority, a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman or a complaint to the Education Secretary.

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