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Criminal Defence & Education Law


If you are facing allegations of criminal conduct, it is vital to have the best criminal defence solicitor on your side.

We have many years of experience in representing clients, working to provide a robust defence, and achieving the best possible outcome.

We understand how important it is for you to have strong guidance and support at what is likely to be a difficult time. We have a strong track record in providing outstanding criminal defence and you can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned in dealing with your case and any allegations or charges against you.

If you want to speak to an expert criminal defence solicitor in Birmingham, call us at 0121 309 0013, email us at, or fill in our contact form.

We also deal with education issues such as Education Health and Care Needs Assessment requests, EHCP reviews, Annual Reviews, appeals against a refusal to assess for or content of EHCP plans, as well as judicial reviews of LA failures too, such as secure the provision in an EHCP.

Criminal Defence Service

If you are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, you are strongly advised to speak to a solicitor straight away. It is crucial to have the right advice to protect your interests and to ensure that you do not inadvertently damage your defence.

We provide the best criminal defence solicitors London for a range of offences. We have particular expertise in financial and business crime and regulatory violations, including complex cases.

If you ask us to represent you, we will step in immediately to provide a sound defence. We will work to have charges against you dropped or secure an early acquittal. Where necessary, we will raise any points there may be in mitigation.

Our criminal law solicitors free advice to you will always be clear and practical. We understand how stressful and disruptive it can be to face criminal allegations and we will ensure that you have the support and guidance you need.

If your case reaches court, we will ensure you have the strongest possible case and that you are represented by an expert advocate.

To speak to expert criminal defence solicitors Birmingham, call us at 0121 309 0013, email us at, or fill in our contact form.

Our Criminal Defence Representation

We have in-depth expertise in dealing with criminal charges, investigations, and allegations which means you can be sure we will put together a solid and comprehensive defence on your behalf.

We will work proactively from the start to challenge evidence, ensure full disclosure is made, and protect your rights during investigations.

If you are interviewed, we will ensure you are thoroughly prepared and have our support and representation throughout.

Where necessary, we will work with experts in relevant areas such as IT, cyber security, and forensic accountancy.

Professional Representation For Business & Financial Crime

Penalties can be severe if you are convicted of a business or financial crime. You could be found personally liable, receive a substantial fine, or face imprisonment. Your business could also be penalized and assets could be confiscated.

We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. If you have been advised that you are being investigated, you should secure legal help from an expert business and financial crimes solicitor as soon as possible.

Where you have had assets seized, bank accounts frozen or you have been locked out of your premises, you need to take swift action. We can work to establish the legitimate origin of funds and request their return.

If you ask us to represent you, we will take prompt action to manage the investigation and minimize damage to your business and reputation.

Contact Our Birmingham Criminal Defence Solicitor

Financial and business crime is a complex area of law. It is important to work with a solicitor who has experience and understanding of the legal position and the processes involved. We have the expertise to represent you and your business in investigations and against criminal charges.

To speak to an expert criminal defence solicitor in Birmingham, call us on 0121 309 0013, email us at, or fill in our contact form.

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